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FOLTANK - A subsidiary of AL-JAMIL car rental and delivery company, FOLTANK offers its customers the cheapest car rental price, with and without driver, and the best value for car owners. All cars are insured with comprehensive insurance and there are car tracking devices, and a contract is written for that

Reassure all drivers with the Full Tank application, their data is registered with us and the data of their cars, you are safe.

Wedding, wedding and conference car rental services at the best prices and the highest luxury.

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Online car rental without a car rental office

Rent your car in five minutes, rent a car without a trust receipt, only a rental contract to guarantee the rights of all parties.

Lowest car rental price

The cheapest car rental price in Egypt, negotiable prices, daily, weekly or monthly rent. Choose the most suitable price and the most suitable car for you.

Car rental at the airport

Don't worry about pickup and delivery. You can order the car at any place you specify for pickup, and your car will be delivered to you. You can receive it anywhere you specify

Earn more from running your car

Now you can operate your car with a full tank, choose the right time and price for you and your car, and make the highest profit up to $600 per month.

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